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Welcome to GiftsList.co.uk

The GiftsList Concept

GiftsList.co.uk allows you to create your own present wish lists for birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, and much, much more. We are an entirely independent organisation, and best of all, our service is free.

Upon signup your friends/relatives can view your list, and reserve items from it to purchase anonymously. GiftsList allows you to provide exact details of your items, but allows numerous people to see what you actually want and choose their presents accordingly

Impressed with what we have to offer?

So why is GiftsList.co.uk Free?

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GiftsList.co.uk was designed and created to help its members give and receive good quality and meaningful gifts. The site is financially supported by advertiser affiliations. This is where we make our money to keep the service available, and be able to keep bringing new features. Money gained through advertising is our only form of income, which is why we ask members to use the links provided, where possible. However, GiftsList.co.uk is totally impartial, and encourages our members to look for the best deal for them.

Impressed with what we have to offer?

Benefits of GiftsList.co.uk

  • Its Free!! No money requested and no catches.
  • No Hassle - your information is only used for this site and is not passed to third parties
  • Allows you to keep a list for people to access from anywhere
  • Gifts can be reserved before purchase, meaning items can be bought offline, as well as on the internet
  • Buddy system helps track the lists of friends and family
  • Alerts are generated close to special occassions.

    Impressed with what we have to offer?

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