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Choosing Thoughtful Gifts - Tips and Hints

They say that it is better to give than to receive and it is true that it is a great feeling when you give someone a gift that they obviously really like and appreciate. Gift giving isn`t about buying expensive presents -- it is more about choosing the right present for the right person. This may well be something that you already know that they want or will like or something that they are not expecting but that they really like.

There are many occasions when we traditionally give gifts. These include birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine`s Day, Christmas, Easter and for the birth of a new baby or for a Christening. You may well also give gifts periodically to mark other special occasions such as when your child passes an exam or graduates from college or when you go to a baby shower.

Buying Matching Gifts

The easiest way to successfully buy thoughtful gifts is to think about the likes and dislikes of the person to whom you are giving the gift in the first place. So, for example, you wouldn`t necessarily give flowers to someone who comes out with hayfever sneezes whenever they get near a bloom. Or, you wouldn`t expect a young girl who likes going out with her mates and clubbing to appreciate a book on knitting if this is something she has expressed no interest in before!

If you are buying a gift for someone you know reasonably well then it shouldn`t be a problem to choose the right gift. Nowadays many people will do present lists so that friends and family know what they would like and, of course, if you are buying a wedding present then the couple may have set up a wedding list in any case. So, for example, if you are buying a gift for a teenager who has already told you that he likes music then a CD or gift card for a record store may go down very well here.

If you do not know the person for whom you are buying the gift too well then you can always ask the advice of others. Parents are a good source of tips and advice for children and teenagers and a husband could give you pointers for his wife and so on. Special occasions such as wedding anniversaries and congratulatory gifts can also often be covered with simple gifts such as flowers or a bottle of champagne, for example.


An easy way to turn a simple present into something that the recipient will treasure is to think about having a gift personalised. You can have all kinds of gifts personalised nowadays from jewellery to clothing to photo frames to mugs. So, whether you are buying birthday presents, anniversary gifts or a Valentine`s Day memento, think about making it mean a lot more with some personalisation.