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GiftsList.co.uk FAQ

  • Does it cost anything to use the service?
  • So why is GiftsList.co.uk Free?
  • How Secure Is Information About Me?
  • What happens if I get a present I don't want?
  • Is my personal information used for any other purpose?
  • What is a buddy?
  • Why do I need to sign up?
  • Hints and Tips

    Does it cost anything to use the service?

    No. It won't cost you a penny to use the site. There is no signup fee, no monthly charges. The site is funded purely from the income generated through advertisings. In order to keep www.giftslist.co.uk functioning you should use the links whenever possible when using the service.

    So why is GiftsList.co.uk Free?

    GiftsList.co.uk is financially supported by advertiser affiliations. This is where we make our money to keep the service available, and be able to keep bringing new features. Money gained through advertising is our only revenue stream, which is why it is essential for members to use the links provided where possible.

    How Secure Is Information About Me?

  • Only the minimum amount of information is stored about you on our database.
  • Sensitive information is held in a secure database.
  • We never ask for any credit card details, and your personal details are kept on a secure database. You details are only available to view by you, or anyone using your logon, so keep it safe.
  • It is important for you to protect against unauthorised use of your password and to your computer. Be sure to sign off when you finish using the service.
  • Your personal information is only used for the purposes of the site and are not passed to third parties.

    What happens if I get a present I don't want?

    GiftsList.co.uk can not accept any responsibility for gifts incorrectly received through misuse of the site. It is up to the list owner (you) to keep your list up to date. It is also the responsibility of the purchaser to follow the correct procedure when purchasing items. Details of the reserve and purchase procedure can be found here

    Is my personal information used for any other purpose?

    No. GiftsList.co.uk does not use any personal information for any reason other than to run the site. No information is used for marketing by external organisations. The types of information stored about you are:
  • Personal information - entered when signing up for the service
  • Computer information - IP address, browser information etc may be collected by the site, to enhance the customer experience
  • Email information - Communications via email may be stored by the site to help resolve problems, and prevent them in the future

    What is a buddy?

    On GiftsList.co.uk you can nominate people you know to be a buddy, adding them to your buddy list on your homepage. This acts as a bookmark to the gifts lists of your nominated friends and family, so you can access them at the click of a button. Your buddies will also be sent emails just before your birthday and in the run up to Christmas to remind them to look at your gift list. If you are invited to be another member's buddy you will receive the same emails regarding their list.

    You can only nominate people who are registered users of the site as buddies, this protects the running of the site and the information of our members.

    To nominate a buddy go to the buddy page.

    Why do I need to sign up?

    There are a number of reasons why we ask you to sign up. The main reason is to protect the lists of our members. Signing up means that if someone abuses the system by spoiling someone's list they can be prevented from coming onto the site again. Signing up also allows you to be able to link to other people you know by making them a buddy. Finally, being a registered member allows us to be able to administer your account, and keep you informed of any changes we are making to the service.

    Hints and Tips

    Once you have got used to the site, you may have added a few items to your list, or updated your personal details, its time to get down to business. How do you get the best out of GiftsList.co.uk?

  • Publicise Your List - People won't know about your list until you tell them about it. Use the Publicise Page to let people know about your list. You can also email them yourself and tell them about the site.
  • Set up Buddies - By nominating a friend or member of family as a buddy you get quick access to their lists, without having to search for them each time. Its there to make your life easier. As well as that, your buddies will get timely reminders about upcoming events such as Christmas and birthdays. To nominate an existing user as a buddy go to the Buddy Page.
  • Add more items - The more items there are on your list, then the more likely someone is to find something suitable, and at a price that suits them. Use the Add Item Page to add items to your list. Use the My List Page to view your current list, and amend any items that are not already reserved.