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Giftslist.co.uk Site Map

  • Home Page - The main page of the site
  • Sign Up Page - Place where new users can sign up for this great service
  • Usage Policy - Guidlines on how to get the most out of giftslist.co.uk
  • Contact Page - Allows you to contact us with any queries relating to the website
  • Affiliates Page - A list of GiftsList.co.uk affiliates. Helps you build links for your products
  • FAQ Page - A list of frequently asked questions relating to GiftsList.co.uk
  • T&Cs Page - Terms of Use of the site
  • List Page - See items from all users of the site (Members Only)
  • Add Item - Add a new item to your list (Members Only)
  • My List Page - See and maintain your list of items (Members Only)
  • My Details Page - Update and maintain your personal details (Members Only)
  • My Reservations - View items that you have reserved from other peoples lists (Members Only)
  • My Password - Use this page to alter your password (Members Only)
  • My Buddies - Provides easy access to the list of people you know (Members Only)
  • Publicise Page - Send emails to friends and family telling them of your list (Members Only)
  • User Mail Page - Send emails to other users to discuss their list or your list (Members Only)
  • Choosing Gifts - Sometimes its hard to decide what to buy someone. This article aims to help
  • Site Map - A list of all pages on the site